Thursday, September 30, 2010

Opera Singers Initiative: Fall Fete

Tonight, I sang in a concert put on by Opera Singers Initiative . It was held at The Van Alen Mansion on the Eastside. About a year ago, I joined Twitter and started following someone named "Opera Singers". This person (who I now know and love) is the volunteer coordinator and asked if anyone wanted to help out at a benefit for young opera singers featuring chocolate. I love opera and I love chocolate so it was a no brainer that I take her up on the opportunity to volunteer. Once I arrived, I was excited to see the level of talent and professionalism that this unknown (to me) organization held. I immediately looked into auditioning to be part of their year-long program of concerts & mentorship. A year later, here I am performing in the same space that inspired me so much!

We got to meet and greet the guest and snack on some of the delicious food. Afterward, we went upstairs to begin the concert portion of the evening. I sang "Ne poj krasavisca pri mne" by Rachmoninov. Some of the funnier comments that I got afterward were different variations of "I was hoping my wine glass wasn't going to break". HA!

After the concert portion, in a culmination of the entire year's worth of working with them, the organization gave various award to some of us. I WON the Vocal Recording Award!!! I will keep everyone posted on when and where to hear what I end up recording.

It was a fantastic evening. I am so glad to have found this company and look forward to being part of their growing Alumni base.

Check out this wonderful organization here:

Very Musically Yours,

Sunday, September 5, 2010