Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hello? Is this thing on??

Hello Dear Reader!

I have been away for a while blogging as my alter ego LazyGirl over at my book blog while I've been dealing with sickness/the real world/figuring things out with my voice etc. things like that!! But fear not, noble reader, I am back!

I'm slowly getting back into gear and hoping to make this year my best opera filled year yet! So far, I have some auditions on the horizon as well as a recital series. The first will be Feb. 27th. Full details on that very soon!! I've actually just finalized my program and I'll post it when it's super duper finalized :)

Short updates:
I was featured in O Magazine in January 2011 as an opera singer who needed a makeover. Because I mean, why not? It was so much fun. We shot it in October on the day of the first rehearsal for my gig with Light Opera New York! 

I met Roberto Alagna at a CD signing of his, and as you can tell from the picture, we totally hit it off haha!

 Thanks for reading. I look forward to blogging to you all again soon :)

Very Musically Yours,


  1. you look so beautiful in that pink dress!!!

  2. Fabulous photo! And a makeover would be so much fun. I've come across from your Lazy Girl Reads because for some reason I can't post any comments to you and I just wanted to say - welcome back! I/We have missed you in the world of book blogging - and thank you so much for the little Mini Challenge award (but I have a confession to make). No matter how hard I've tried, I've yet to finish something "old" and it's driving me crazy. So once I do, I'll honour the award! Sorry to gatecrash on this blog but I'm hoping I can keep in touch very very soon at Lazy Girl Reads - I don't know what the issue is :(

  3. Oh that's so weird! I hope you will be able to comment over on the other blog soon too!