Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wait, how is it April?

::clears cobwebs from blog::

Helloooo! And how is everyone on this fine April (?!?!?!) afternoon? I'm doing lovely and thought I
might write a blog post for a change.

The updates are, I have been doing all sorts of cool things and also boring things. Packing my weekends with too many activities, not getting enough sleep, getting too much sleep. Getting some bizarre flu/sinusitis hybrid and doing a competition anyway. Joining a gym beside the one I already don't go to and then nailing it at said gym.

And that's all I can remember off the top of my head. Trust - I have been thinking of all sort of entries day in and day out for this blog and taking pictures to support these entires. But after a while, I got too overwhelmed and just said to hell with it all, I won't write anything.

Now here we are months later with no content! Well this just can't stand. So I'll slowly be adding all the stuff that I should've been writing and post dating them. Don't be alarmed, but I'm going to be overwhelming your RSS feeds for a little while.

Thanks for reading!

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