Saturday, February 15, 2014

Bettering the Brand: And why I'm talking about it

I made a few blog posts already about my triumphant return to the gym. I haven't gone in ages and have recently been motivated to go back. I've also been inspired to take steps toward an all inclusive healthy lifestyle. Including but not limited to organic & raw foods, natural & do-it-yourself detergents/skincare/health products etc.

At first I told myself that I wouldn't, I absolutely would NOT tell people on social media (and real life) that I was going back to the gym and "dieting". It's not really anyone's business and there's always that one "expert" (read: naysayer) that wants to debunk any and every method you're using for weight loss. I also don't want anyone to think that since I'm posting about working out that it's an invitation for them to attempt to educate me on what I should or shouldn't be doing. If there's something I just cannot stand, it's unsolicited advice. Trust me, if I want your help, I will ask you for it gleefully and, sometimes, ad nauseum. 

But the reason that I said to myself "you know what, to hell with all that, I'm going to tweet, FB, Instagram, and carrier pigeon my progress" is because I realize I have way more supporters and cheerleaders than naysayers. I mean really, so many people really DO want me to succeed so why not share this lifestyle change with them at the onset? 

And many if not all of the blogs/FB status updates I see are fitness divas posting AFTER they've gotten through the toughest part. The part where you step into the gym for the first time and everyone knows they have never seen you before. Or that they haven't seen you in a while and mentally take note of it. The part where you can't even do 5 push-ups anymore or run for more than a solid minute. When you walk over to a machine for the first time in a long time and you're moving a little slower than everyone else so you can accustom yourself to it. Or when you're one of the most out of shape people in the group fitness classes and you can't keep up, so you stand in the back. And when you really need to just have a seat in the locker room just for a second because DAMN that was so hard but at least you gave it your entire effort. 

Yes, going back to the gym isn't exactly party time, but it's a celebration because you've made that first step to change your life and take back control of your health. So please don't take my proclamations, instagram pictures, blog entries, and FB check-ins at/about the gym as some sort of bragging - I'm just hoping that someone (like me not too long ago) will be inspired to follow suit. Or, the easiest thing, that you'll just be happy for me! 

Thanks for reading :) 

With the love,
La Toya


  1. You are going hardcore with the total life change. Congrats! I miss the gym.

    1. Wow hey girl!! It's been forever :-D Thanks for the congrats!!! Hope you are well!