Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Eve {LIKE A BOSS}

I've had such a good, responsible week. How easy is it to be completely irresponsible when you don't have a 9 to 5 or roommates to hold you accountable for being an adult ammirite?! Is that just me??

I digress...this past Tuesday, I had my only church gig of the season (whaaaa?) and there was a bunch of music to learn for it. So I took Monday to carefully go over all my solos and start the arduous task of cleaning my house. I also intended on doing some last minute shopping but never got around to it. I ended the night with a late night viewing of Anchorman 2, which, for all intents and purposes was a good movie and served its sequel purposes.

On Christmas Eve, I JUMPED outta bed (read: rolled and/or slid outta bed) and made my last minute presents game plan. Go to Union Square and in one fell swoop, obtain all of my Christmas gifts (and some gifts for me too. Because, presents), and make it back home in time for some more practicing. I went to my favorite local hipster coffee joint, Daily Press Bed Stuy, and got a normal drip coffee. I haven't had caffeine in a while so it made me unnecessarily antsy, jittery, and all out impatient on my train ride. Note to self: slowly eliminate caffeine from diet.

I made it to Best Buy to get my little bro some headphones and made the grave mistake of standing in the "Tablet only" check out line. That line moved so slowly I almost set the place on fire with my GAZE. I mean, I wanted to shake the worker who told me it was okay to stand in that line.

Commence freak out!
Then I went to Burlington (nothing of note happened there, beside me wanting to buy myself presents) and finally Barnes and Noble. I called in advance to have the book held for me at the front so I didn't need to search. But, being the girl that I am, I looked around the entire store like I had never seen books before. I happened upon these gorgeously (newly) illustrated Harry Potter book covers and stood there (in the children's section) and took an incredible amount of pictures. I also started talking to myself. "WOW I can't believe that he decided to illustrate THAT PART!" and "Man, I should just read this entire series AGAIN!"

With all my extra time, I started thinking of other presents to buy my family and quickly decided that I should grab some lunch before I pass out. I walked by a juice store and because I do enjoy a juice or two but don't particularly enjoy making it myself, I went in. Apparently everyone knows about Liquiteria but me, so while I'd like to say this is some new find of mine, I'm just late to the party. They DID however give me two juices to try for FREE. Wheeee, I'll be back.

My phone battery died before I could take a picture of my lunch (like I do), but I can tell you that it was nothing to write home about, and I won't be going back to that Thai place. Bleh.

Fast forward to the Mass - I was able to record myself singing a bit and will probably try to throw that vid together some time this week. But here's a little snippet. It's He Shall Feed His Flock from Handel's Messiah. Hope everyone had a great holiday!

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