Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Fashion Corner + DYI

Fashion Finds
Credit: The Polishaholic
Also, this is the precise color I have and I promise you it doesn't look like this.
While I was out Christmas Shopping, I stumbled upon a Leopard Print blazer and a discounted China Glaze Holographic nail polish. I haven't worn the blazer out yet, but it fits me like someone made it for my body type. I can't wait to throw it on. Will more than likely pair with all black and a metallic heel.

I tried out the "holographic" China Glaze and was really disappointed with the lack of hologram. I'm going to stick with Color Club when it comes to that particular nail effect.

Favorite OOTD
Let's pretend that I go out all the time and wear fabulous things to various events. While that may be a thing of the not too far future for me (here's hoping!!), I can assure you that it is not happening at this time. SO it was very easy for me to narrow down my favorite outfit of the day during the past week.
On Saturday night, my mom threw a holiday event for family and friends and her color scheme was silver, white, and blue. I, of course, didn't have many of these colors at home so I went around to my favorite stores to see if I could get bargain on a quick dress within the color scheme. Lo and behold, I found this White A line pencil dress with Grey Houndstooth. It also came with that silver belt. I mean how perfect was that? I didn't have to look too hard. I paired it up with my favorite blue pumps by Guess and a couple pieces I had laying around the house. I found that G Clef necklace at one of those jewelry stores on 34th street that's always having some blow out sale. The necklace itself is Sterling Silver as most costume jewelry doesn't agree with my skin. I think I also got that magnetic bracelet from the same store.
Also, blue smokey eye!
The closest thing I have to a full body shot.

Also, OMG DYI Magnetic Makeup Boards?!?
My friend Brittany put me on to a little do it yourself project that I plan to do in the upcoming weeks: Magnetic Makeup Boards. Looks like you just get a nice frame (or a not nice one at a thift store and spray paint it), attach some sheet metal (from Home Depot), decorate the sheet metal, throw some magnets on your make-up and voila! Okay so I made that sound a bit more complex than what I was aiming for but I cannot WAIT to do this!! Here are some photos of my favs from the web:
Credit: Samanthafranz.buzznet.com

Credit: kristenscreationsonline.blogspot.com

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