Saturday, December 28, 2013

First City: Chapel Hill {Tour Life}

In October 2013, I went on my first National Tour with Wynton Marsalis and the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra. I sang the Abyssinian Mass written by Mr. Marsalis with Chorale Le Chateau led by Damien Sneed. 

Originally, when I went on my first tour this year, I wanted to write about each city and show you pictures of my food and all that. While I did eat and take pictures of everything, I didn't lift a finger to write down all my experiences.Well, while it's still fairly fresh in my mind, I'll write about as many cities as I can remember.

Our first stop was Chapel Hill. It was a pretty long bus ride that started out at 3am and we made quite a few stops. One of my most favorite was at Cracker Barrel somewhere in Virginia. Just about everyone who doesn't have a Cracker Barrel within reach of them is OBSESSED with it. I am no exception. Doning our super dope new hoodies with our names emblazoned on the back (thanks Damien ^_^), we descended upon the first of many Cracker Barrel oases.
Photo credit: Jorell Williams
It was all pretty much a blur after that because I recall getting to the hotel, remarking to myself (and everyone) how AMAZING it was that it was still so warm in October down there and then going to sleep.

Also, I didn't get very many pictures because I was so tired! AND I got a little sniffle over night, so for the first concert my voice was so shot! I was super bummed about getting a cold so soon but I also not bummed because, I'm on tour.

 I had never been to UNC Chapel Hill before, nor had I been on a college campus in a long time, so I was oddly (and tourist-ly) excited as we pulled up in our fancy tour bus, looking important. We got to sound check and there was a buzz of excitement. This was our first performance after all the rehearsals! Eventually, when we got to the performance spaces (as you'll see) we all spent an elaborate amount of time taking pictures of the house and of the band. But for now, here's a picture I "snuck" because I didn't want to be *that* person.

After sound check, we went to dinner (I didn't take pictures of the food because I still didn't want to be *that* person), and finally went backstage to get ready for show 1. It was so well received and exciting to finally sing this in front of a bunch of people. Tour was definitely off to a great start.

Here's a shot of us from the photographer Frank Stewart, I'm the fifth dot from the left on the top row. Teehee!

Photo credit: Frank Stewart

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