Monday, December 30, 2013

Weekend Round-up! {Dec. 27 - Dec. 29}

Well this weekend didn't involve too much singing but it was still a busy one. On Friday, I had some grandiose plans of making a big dinner or going to get my nails done or something like that. But instead, I waited until the eleventh hour and went to the stores at Union Square to look for a dress for my mother's holiday dinner event. I ended up with this lovely Grey and White Houndstooth dress since the colors at the event were Silver, White, and Sky Blue. I went with Blue pumps and Grey Opaque tights. I might do some sort of fashion post later in the week highlighting my entire ensemble, which I never got a full length picture of! Ack!

On Saturday, I had two things to accomplish before the party: Getting my hair done and buying Halal Chicken for my Muslim relatives. I did both with flair and ease and I took pictures of both the chicken and my hair, but I think you'd be more interested in seeing my hair. And OMG I did a blue smokey eye for the first time in my life. This is pictured above.

The party was a success but MAN was I tired after breaking everything down and helping my mom clean up. I wanted to make this Sunday my last brunch Sunday with a huge flair and flourish but I decided to keep it indoors and catch up on a whole bunch of Homeland and blog of course. I also spent a bit of time preparing for my upcoming recital you're all coming to on Saturday.

How was everyone's weekend??

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