Saturday, January 11, 2014

Revenge of the Zumba {Bettering the Brand}

For some strange reason, I went to Zumba classes three times this week. I guess it's not as strange as it is ironic. Ironic that my first legit week back at the gym, I managed to *flawlessly* go 3 times in one week. Ironic that each time was to take a class that is one of my least favorite classes to take at any gym anywhere. It's probably because it's supposed to be fun and I always get too caught up in the fact that these songs suck and these dance moves are foolish. And I almost always forget that I'm actually working out and HALLELUJAH, weight loss!

On Monday, my very first week back at the gym, I begrudgingly went back to the gym at Park Slope. I didn't know what the schedule was and tried to look at it online for hours. I thought my internet was just being slow but after I called the gym (determination!) they told me it was their system, and that the class that I was hoping to take was turned into a Zumba class. Great. So I went to the class and it was overcrowded as usual with people who aren't aware of the space around them and who don't do the moves well enough for me to at least decipher what's happening up at the front. The music was also unrecognizable and cheesy and I was so annoyed. But then we did that fun thing where whoever was on the side of the room is now in the front of the room and I got to see myself in the mirror killing the moves with all the others in the class (my backup dancers) behind me. I remembered that 1. I'm awesome 2. I like dancing and 3. HOLY CRAP IM DOING A WORK OUT RIGHT NOW

On Wednesday my friend Brittany invited me to her favorite Zumba class IN HARLEM. So that sentence alone should let you know that I wasn't in my right state of mind, going all the way to Harlem for Zumba no less. But that class ended up being a whole lot of fun with GREAT music and an awesome teacher. So I might be going back who knows. 

Friday was an interesting day. I planned to take the 2FLY class which is 90s hiphop dance music and moves and literally the most fun I've ever had at the gym, but somehow (read: laying in the bed for too long) I missed every train that would've gotten me there on time. And I was left guessed it, a Zumba class all the way up in Midtown East, which could not be more inconvenient to get to. But I did it and I'm feeling just fine. I'm looking forward to the gym next week and am already noticing that things are getting easier to do.



  1. The commercials for any zumba workout on TV always look so cheesy to me. Also, I am not a gym person at all (I do my workouts at home because I do everything I possibly can at home, like the old person I secretly am). But lately I have been thinking about how I want to learn to dance. Because I seriously have no moves. None. So maybe I should start being a crazy (awesome) person like you and going to zumba three times a week. :P

    1. LOL yes!!!! I think Zumba would be really fun if you're trying to get some dance moves together because it's never really too tough unless you have some actual crazy person doing the class. And yeah!!

  2. Toya...its so incredible to see you here and get to read about all you've been up to! Incredible because i have watched you grow into a beautiful young lady and i'm on the edge of my seat anticipating what you'll be doing next. So extremely PROUD of you...God Bless.

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    1. Heheh!!! Thank you so much Linda!! I'm so glad you're reading. I wasn't sure if people would notice I was writing stuff but now that I know you're noticing, I will just keep posting haha :)