Monday, January 6, 2014

Weekend Round Up {Jan. 3rd - Jan. 5th}

Hmm, let's see what did I do this weekend? OH RIGHT, I had an super amazing awesome fantastic recital, duh!

And it was just absolutely fantastic. I had a very, very good crowd filled with mostly new comers who hadn't heard me sing yet. I was so ridiculously excited for this concert. Which is to say that I'm not always incredibly excited for the concerts that I do, namely because I haven't been in good voice for a single solitary concert at any point since I started doing them. So I was constantly concerned that I would be falling flat on my face in previous concerts. But luckily, I sang the BEST I have ever sung. And I tried something new...speaking before each set! Okay that's not incredibly avant garde or anything BUT I did feel like I was turning over a new leaf. And I got some really good feedback about it afterward.

Here's a clip of me like, nailing the encore.

Then we weren't sure where to go for the after party so we had a really delicious burger from 67 Burger
Kalifa, Nandi, and I at Moe's
and drinks at Moes. Speaking of both places...I didn't know that 67 Burger has such delicious burgers. I think the first time I went there, I had a salad...yeah I know, laugh it up.

And at Moe's the big surprise was that my Uncle showed up there randomly! I gotta say though, I didn't like that spot, so I won't be going back.

On Sunday I just basked in the warm glow of my recent accomplishment. I read all my txts, emails, cards, and messages from friends and family. It was truly a great weekend and an incredible start to an even better year than last!

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